Parle-G Biscuits 55 gm | Pack of 12 Pcs
Parle-G Biscuits 
Filled with the goodness of milk and wheat, Parle-G Biscuits are a great source of nourishment. Treat yourself to a pack of yummy Parle-G Biscuits to experience the taste that has been adored by millions of people for many years. These biscuits have been a meal substitute for some and a tasty, healthy snack to be enjoyed along with tea or coffee for others. Whatever the occasion, it has always been around as an instant source of nourishment and energy. You just can’t go wrong with a packet of this beloved biscuit. So, go ahead and buy Parle-G Biscuits online today!
Parle-G Biscuits 55 g (Get +10 g Extra)
Features & details
	Made from the finest quality ingredients
	Has the goodness of milk and wheat
	Great source of nutrients
	Provides instant energy

Parle-G Biscuits 55 gm | Pack of 12 Pcs